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  The First 100 Days  FOX News  April 28, 2017 4:20pm-4:26pm PDT

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down with president trump. >> president trump: you look at other networks all i do is get hit all the time. by the way, falsely. i don't mind getting hit legitimately. >> martha: is not going anywhere as you know. that story has a lot of avenues to it and the most recent one comes back to michael flynn. when he left and when he resigned he said he was treated horribly and that you felt badly about that. given what we now are saying on the payments from turkey and russia, would you stand by that comment? >> president trump: i do feel badly for him, he served the country, he was a general. he was approved by the obama administration at the highest level. when they say we did in fact, obama didn't bet. he was approved at the highest level of security by the obama administration. when he came into our administration for a short period of time, he was already approved by the obama
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administration, he had years left on that approval. if somebody is approved at the absolute highest level by the obama or a previous administration, does anybody ever ask about them? does anybody ask about why bill clinton was paid a fortune to make speeches in russia? does anybody ever ask about podesta having a company with his brother and russia? does anybody ever ask why the fbi would not check on the server when somebody hacked their server? they tried to hack to the rnc too at but we had good defense. they could attack us. does anybody ask why is it that podesta had a company in russia with his brother? they don't mention that, they should mention it don't don't. >> martha: i'll move on to it a couple other quick thing, i know we're short on time. have a huge that small businesses would also be enjoyed by hedge funds and also by real estate companies. it is not good to make it
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tougher for you to get that big cut through the tax companies. >> president trump: the highest tax nation in the world are business taxes are through the roof and were not competitive and companies are leaving. were going to break companies back, we're going to lower taxes and the biggest beneficiaries of the small companies are middle income people who have really been hurt. their taxes are going down to 10%. the president of goldman sachs, never made a bad deal. these are very smart guys but i said fellas, you keep forgetting to mention, i'm the one that did this to a large extent. you keep forgetting of the biggest beneficiaries of the middle-class people have been absently hurt. >> martha: your critics are going to say real estate companies like president trump companies will benefit along. is it going to make it harder for you to get that big cut in the middle? >> president trump: if i'm individually paying 35%, i will
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tell you that's more, i'm good at that paying more than i pay right now in taxes. i will pay more than i pay right now. i lose all the deductions. they have deductions on top of the deductions, they have hundreds and hundreds of pages. things that you never heard of before, i have great accounting firms, i'm sure you do. you're entitled deduction for geese fighting over america, you're entitled to this, you're entitled -- by the time they give you all deductions, all that stuff goes away. other than charitable deductions which we think is important to keep and interest deductions which we think is important to keep. all of the stuff goes away. i predict i will probably play more than i'm paying right now. >> martha: your life has changed completely after election day, how would you say the presidency has changed you? >> president trump: i didn't
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have much privacy but now i have no privacy. i said to somebody the other day i love driving cars. a great event is getting into a car and driving someplace, i can't do that anymore. i haven't been able to do that really since the primaries when you go to number one in the primaries all of a sudden you get secret service. it's been a long time, certain things in life that you miss. you are in a cocoon and if there are amazing people, the secret service, but you can't go very far. >> martha: do you ever think you may be one term would be enough of this kind of life? >> president trump: i want to see how were doing. i hope that we do so well able to easily and nicely and enjoy the fruits of what we did maybe it takes a little bit longer but i think we're doing tremendously well. i don't think anybody has ever done this much and 100 days. i've always said it's going to be eight years, not for years. >> martha: personal question for you what you're going back
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to new york. i'm surprised you haven't been back to new york yet since he became president. >> president trump: i'll break this on the show, i love new york. going back is very expensive for the country because they close up fifth avenue and they close up 56 straight, i live in trump tower which is right smack -- great location -- in the middle of everything. i always feel a little bit guilty when i go there. if i go to as an example i have a lot of property. if i go to one of my clubs in new jersey, they will say i'm going to play golf, i couldn't care less about golf. i have a place there. that costs almost nothing because it's hundreds of acres in security and they don't have to close up streets et cetera et cetera. i like to do that as much as possible the problem is every time i go to a club i'm out there having fun, i don't have fun. when i go to a club i'm working. i played golf with ernie elson the prime minister of japan that
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was such a great day and we bonded because of that and bringing him along, the great golfer, great champion, he'll never forget the day we had a great time. i feel guilty when i go back to europe because i hate to see the new yorkers with the streets closed and i've been there because i've been there when presidents come to the city. they close up the entire midtown section of manhattan. i don't know if it's all necessary, so i go back as little as possible because it's expensive et cetera, it would be much better, people would understand that i could go other places, then they hit me for relaxing and i don't want to be known as a person who relaxes because i'm working hard and i'm working hard for the people and were doing a great job. >> martha: you looking forward to have the first lady and your son will be here soon? >> president trump: they're going to move right as soon as he's finished with school to